“ What if animals were not made to be eaten but to make us happy ? "

“ Animals are our friends "
is a collection of books and e-books in preparation : 

 - Actores, love without animal suffering, tome one.

A story of adventure and love that happens in a future where animals live with humans, in freedom.
Author, Sylvain Magilaner González. Only in French for the moment.
Available August 2019.

 - The Platera. 

This true story, which could be a tale, takes us to the beginning of the last century, in a village in Andalusia, at the bedside of an infant who stubbornly refuses to suck ... Who will save him? 
Author, Eladio González Guerrero

 - Sancho & Quijote, a friendship without red iron. 

A tale where friendship and freedom combine against cruelty. In French and Spanish, in preparation.
Author, Sylvain Magilaner González.

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