My thematic


This ebook is the perfect gift for a young child. It will develop his brain without efforts or difficulties.
The sentences and paints are images made to stimulate his mind.
Colors are speaking to the mind and to the emotional part of the individual. Frases are short poetry in three languages, French english and spanish, in order to diversify his knowledge.  
This ebook is made for readers, computers, ipads, phones, and tvs. 
With Additional Content, you will understand more about the method and other exercises possible for mathematical fans or students.
Exercices are very simple or very complex, adapted to what you could need and to your own pleasure.
This book can be used for children in difficulty with mathematics, as a support, or as a simple reading. This ebook can be used with people with mental disabilities.
Gifted students can also find something to satisfy their curiosity.

Illustrations are oil paints by Sylvain Magilaner González.

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